versiondog - Data management for the automotive industry

The automotive industry is currently faced with a raft of challenges. The advent of the Industrial IoT, the trend toward e-mobility and new markets in China and South-East Asia are all contributing to the ever-present pressure to cut costs while increasing quality. Manufacturers have to maintain the highest possible levels of efficiency while keeping production facility availability at a maximum. Against this background, a continued escalation in the degree of automation and the number of control processes is inevitable. Demand for a wide range of models and customisation options is driving a seemingly unlimited increase in the complexity of individual fabrication processes. versiondog provides solutions to help meet the continual stream of new quality management requirements while maintaining a clear, documented production process change history.

Why do so many companies in your industry use versiondog?

  • Management of external contractors
  • Centralised data storage and safeguarded intellectual property
  • Organisational continuity across multiple shifts
  • Fast disaster recovery
  • Support for the VDA 6.x quality management system