versiondog - Data management for the oil & gas industry

Oil and gas companies need to know the precise status of all equipment at every extraction site, whether it be in the middle of the desert or miles out to sea. Ever-present risks include loss of data and cyberattack. If either of these occur, the goal is to contain the effects and maintain complete control over all productive and administrative processes at all sites. Beyond that, it is essential that a system is in place to ensure the complete and accurate documentation required by ISDS and ISQM. versiondog is used by the oil & gas industry all over the world: in refineries, at drilling facilities, at pumping stations and on pipeline operations.

Why do so many companies in your industry use versiondog?

  • Automatic backup of all projects
  • Fast disaster recovery
  • ISDS/ISQM support
  • Increased security and less downtime