The versiondog Software solution

With versiondog we offer our clients a software package that ensures automatic data backups, version control including a detailed edit detection, as well as clear documentation, in one central data storage facility. It is perfectly tailored to the automation systems by different producers (e.g. Siemens, ABB, Kuka, Rockwell and Mitsubishi).

Versiondog has been proven effective in multiple sectors, including the automotive, chemical, energy and food industry as well as in mechanical and plant engineering and the logistics sector. It is applied successful-ly worldwide, in more than 40 countries.

Know WHO changed WHAT, WHEN, WHERE and WHY.

Versiondog has been proven effective in multiple sectors:

versiondog interprets data and software used in many different automation components and automates the handling of the flood of data in different versions, which are part of every production.

versiondog does not only control all project data in a central manner, but also analyses and monitors all changes regarding the devices – automatically, of course.

The current program, its respective parameters and setpoints as well as the explicit assignment to a certain version can be called up any time.

As every branch of the automation industry has its very own requirements, AUVESY has developed three custom-fit solutions of versiondog:


Cut down duration of downtime or avoid it altogether

Improve efficiency when commissioning new production lines

Simplify day-to-day work processes: data backup, documentation, and error detection

Quickly find and restore an error-free version


See at a glance: WHO changed WHAT WHERE, WHEN and WHY

Analyse projects – e.g. find points of frequent change

Access documentation for audit trails and QM processes

Simplify coordination and management of external contractors


Detect unauthorised changes to running control programs

Quickly find the right data needed for disaster recovery

Quickly replace corrupted programs


  • Integrated documentation
  • Date organised with 100% clarity and transparency
  • Complete change history
  • Audit trail reports at the click of a button

Version control

  • Standardised management of all changes to control programs
  • Analysis and traceability of changes using graphical, tabular or text-based version comparisons
  • Changes displayed clearly
  • Fast disaster recovery

Backup / Secure Data

  • Fully safeguarded data and significant time savings
  • Regular automatic comparisons
  • Alarm when discrepancies are found
  • One backup strategy for networked and non-networked devices

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