The Company SINOME

Thanks to the long-standing experience in this sector, SINOME is your competent contact in terms of data management in automation technology. We emphasise our customer-oriented service and the individual support of our clients and we will assist you with all questions and problems. Offering products and services in the best possible quality under fair conditions is our strong suit.

Our aim is to introduce a project data management that enables you to react to all potential risks in pro-duction in a quick and efficient manner, but also to create a system that facilitates your daily use with data.

As a sales partner of Auvesy, the company behind versiondog, this software solution will always be the first choice to reach the stated goal, namely to provide an effective and powerful project data management.

Certified Implementation Partner

We are a certified partner of versiondog and have successfully deployed this product of Auvesy for many customers. With our professional planning, reliable implementation and continuous support, SINOME will provide you with excellent service.

The successful implementation of a new system does not only depend on the quality of the software. It is important to ensure that the system is understood and backed by all associates. In this respect, SINOME offers competent support in the form of workshops, trainings and “learning by doing”.

Your automation components. Our competence. More safty.


Every customer defines its own starting point. Hence, our comprehensive and individual consulting includes the identification of your requirements and wishes, so that we can tailor solutions to you and your company.


We focus on developing a plan which offers a step by step guide for the implementation of versiondog.


We give advice and support to the realization and implementation of your system infrastructure and make sure that the system is understood and backed by your associates.


With our provided trainings, you can learn everything that is needed to successfully install versiondog. Let our trainers explain the features and the handling of the system step by step in a quiet and undisturbed environment and learn the most important tips and tricks. Based on your individual focus and requirements, we offer standardised learnings or custom-fit individual trainings.


We also support you with all challenges you might be faced with after the installment, whether it is software updates, troubleshooting or the optimisation of your system infrastructure.


2013 marked the start of the distribution of the data management system versiondog, as a SINOME product. Within six years, we have deployed successful installations at customers in Romania, Hungary, Austria and Germany.